Our “cut-price” list!

Knives- (Length calculated based on blade length)

Large (> 20cm) :$9 ea
Medium (10cm-20cm) :$7 ea
Small (< 10cm) : $5 ea

Scissors- (length calculated based on overall length)

Large (23cm or 9" and above) : $12 /pair
Medium (15cm or 6" - 22cm) : $9 /pair
Small (15cm or 6" and below) : $6/pair

Clipper blades-

$12.50ea (For more then 10 clippers sharpened,it will be $10/clipper blade)

There is no call-out fee. We would require a minimum of $20 worth of sharpening
(knives or scissors) for an appointment. (Please call if in doubt.)

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